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Intriguing: Cold-Steeping Specialty Grains

2010 January 27
by Mad Alchemist

I’ve wondered for a while about cold-steeping specialty grains to reduce the amount of astringency you get from them. I just read an article about it, and it seems that is indeed possible. Has anyone tried it? It seems like the main problem will be getting fermentables out of the specialty grains. It seems like you would have to sparge with hot water, thus potentially making your efforts moot.

All that said, I really want to try it. At some point, I’ll try something like Roasted Barley or Black Patent in a cold-steep for 24 hours, then will combine it with a simple Light DME in a small batch to see what it yields. Until then, I’m hoping to find someone with experience cold-steeping specialty grains to see their results.

Links to other discussions or articles on cold-steeping are more than welcome.

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